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About Adamax
Since 1999, Adamax Tactical Academy has instructed hundreds of Federal, State and Local officers in a variety of tactical topics. Several innovative courses have been introduced including Technical Patrol Rifle, Advanced Rapid Deployment, and Live-Fire Rapid Deployment. The Adamax Tactical Academy staff developed Illinois first certified Basic CQB SWAT & CQB Sniper Course. An assortment of tactical and police patrol courses are offered. Custom programs are available on request. Most Adamax Tactical Academy courses can be presented at a guest host facility; saving on travel and lodging costs.

Our training philosophy is simple-hands on. Adults learn by doing. Tactics and methods are demonstrated and discussed, then rehearsed to precision. Courses are regularly updated as new information returns from the field.
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Director's Message
Adamax Tactical Academy stands ready to meet your training needs. We offer a diverse selection of courses from tactical to patrol, but also provide custom training options not listed on our website. Agencies have taken advantage of refresher training, qualification ranges and specially developed programs of instruction. We maintain a library of topic specific lesson plans. Many of our courses can be modified to an agency's particular needs or brought to a host location. I will personally respond to your phone calls and emails to work with you to provide the training you need.
Ron Yanor, Training Director
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Adamax Innovations
Adamax has a proven history of bringing new topics to the training arena. Four of our dedicated courses as well as two of the TEES courses are ILETSB state certified. We were one of the first in the region to offer an Officer Survival & Rescue Course that incorporates unconventional shooting platforms for injured officers, trauma first aid and extraction techniques under hostile conditions. Our comprehensive patrol rifle program ranges from end-user to instructor to field armorer. The Warrant Service Tactics Course and High Risk Building Search Course fill the gap between basic patrol and tactical team training. The Rapid Deployment training regimen includes basic, advance and life-fire programs.
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During these tough economic times training budgets are often the first to suffer. Yet the dangers and risks remain the same. Adamax will hold the line on training cost with no price increases for 2011. We also offer discounts for multiple officers from the same agency or team registering for the same course concurrently. Certain select courses will be priced for smaller agencies and individual officer enrollment.
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With only a short drive time from Interstate 55, our locale allows students to be at the range in less than ten minutes. Lincoln, Illinois is centrally situated in close proximity to several metropolitan areas. The region offers reasonably priced amenities, food and lodging. A full service airport in Bloomington, Il is easily accessed for students commuting by commercial carrier.
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We are proud to partner with Tactical Energetic Entry Systems to provide the ultimate in breaching instruction. T.E.E.S. is a world renowned leader in a wide spectrum breaching instruction. We have on site specially constructed breaching facades to support mechanical, ballistic, thermal and explosive breaching. New for 2011 is a Mechanical & Ballistic Breaching Instructor Course which is pending state certification.